BullsEye Rescue Team

Kristan Avedikian – Director of Records

Carla – Co-Founder & Board Member

Carla was the kid who rescued lizards in Miami just to make sure their tails grew back. She has always adopted from a shelter or rescue group and it was only natural that she should eventually work with her own rescue. It was through the rescue of her shelter dog,...

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Nicole – Production Director

Nicole grew up in a houseful of rescues. She talks up folks on the street who are walking their pits and bully breeds about volunteering for BullsEye and about spay and neuter programs. Nicole also handles much of our photography and design. You may recognize her from a local dog...

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Ellie – Foster Director & Board Member

Ellie is BullsEye’s Foster Director, and the fluffy guy, Arthur, serves as her right hand man and as foster mentor to the bullies that come in and out of their house. Her love for rescue dogs started six years ago when she adopted Art, and her love for bully breeds...

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Heidi – Volunteer and Events Director

Heidi is the Volunteer and Events Director and will be looking for YOU to help us at events, transport our army of bully babies and anything else that can be done to run this ship as smoothly as possible. So….watch out! Heidi loves all dogs, big and small but is a recent convert...

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Jennifer – Board Member

Jenny is the COO of a prominent Atlanta print shop. She guides us, supports us, and excels at Event Planning, Direction, and All-Around Scolding. Her love of the dogs drives her to work tirelessly to support and direct us. She is always available to “make it happen.” We are honored...

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